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What holiday plans you have- A profitable business or a crashed website

what holiday plans you have- a profitable business or a crashed website

Holiday season, its importance and impact on E-Commerce

Holiday brings lots of excitement for entire world; it changes the monotonous routine entirely. Holiday means lots of shopping, but now it has transformed completely, shopping now means digital shopping or online shopping which always make you fall for it with the alluring discounts that tempts almost everyone. That change in e-commerce graph is seen by the wide difference we see every year.

Stats of Last year holiday season business

World has observed a drastic growth in the world of E-commerce during holidays, around 30% growth is observed from previous year. Few days just before holidays is majorly observed as the best time for online seller to improve their business.

Website failure what it costs?

A crashed website is what you are going to learn from, how deep can it impact, Most importantly, it  converts to loss in revenue, lowered brand equity, and eventually, falling of stock prices. World is going through a transition, you may or may not like what comes up only one possibility is there- to be prepared for any circumstances . At times you have to deliver more than expected, you have to flow with the wave that’s prevailing to discover a new area to grow.

Rule out all them what hindered your way to become a successful E-commerce website last year

Unhappy Customers– are the key to success, as they can teach you “What to avoid this year?”

Think according to customers and review your own website and resolve all lacks as an end-user. What distracts mostly are-

Slow loading- study has proved that a slow loading page drags away almost 40-60% of traffic.

Transaction failure– transaction failure is what hampers website the most; it drags the customers with a probability of never coming back.

In spite of getting panic you need a partner to help you overcome all testing related issues.

ClicQA performance testing is an instrument to ace this holiday season. This can help you to perform in the best possible way by testing all possible method done under any circumstances. We can help you by empowering you with all the effective ways that can help you by not letting your website crash during this holiday season.

Empowering websites by expert website who performs-

We perform the accurate test such as for sudden hikes, we perform spike testing to let you handle traffic for weekday promos, whereas our stress and endurance testing can state the breakpoint during weekend deals, for more clarity-

Load testing to indentify the bottlenecks of your application like-

Stress testing to determine the breakpoint of your website.

Stress testing analyses the behavior of the system after failure. It is done to recover your systems data after failure. For the success of stress testing an error message should pop even if it is in extreme condition.

Spike testing to verify the stability of system during burst of the concurrent users.

Through spike testing the application is tested with sudden increase and decrease of the load. It calculates the weakness of the application. It is tested through sudden change of user load. This prepares application to tackle all the traffic caused due to weekend’s offers.

 Endurance testing to evaluate how the system behaves under sustained use. 

 Endurance testing or Soak testing is done for that extended load over a period of time. It calculates the behavior of the system during the sustained use. The endurance test results can help the customers to validate their infrastructure needs.

Don’t let your website fall this year with huge traffic as it may destroy your hard earned prestige in the market and all the effort that you put in promotions. Be wise and select a right testing partner.