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Test Automation with ClicAutomate is 5 times faster than Selenium

About Client

With 139 offices and more than 28,900+ intermediaries across India, client is one of the leading general insurance companies in India with a huge customer base. Individuals, Corporates and SMEs look up to client for insurance solutions with respect to motor, health, home, travel, marine, etc.Through a wide range of products and services, client meets every customer’s individual insurance needs by offering customized plans.

Client endeavors to delight customers by offering innovative general insurance products like India’s first Over-The-Counter health & home insurance policies.

Client Problem Statement

Client had a Manual Testing practice to test their fleet of Insurance applications, which became tedious and challenging as enhancements and new feature additions are happening to the applications. So, client wanted to implement Test Automation to save time, effort and cost on manually performing regression and repetitive testing activities.

Client Requirement

Initially, client was keen on using open source framework “Selenium” to implement Automation Testing. However, using Selenium won’t become a complete solution as it confines to automate in a specific way with the need of coding. It also consumes a lot of time in scripting Selenium tests for complex scenarios, and the need of scripting makes test scripts’ reusability and maintenance to suffer.

Therefore, Client was also looking at a few Selenium alternatives, which empowers in seamless and faster Test Automation implementation.

Proposed Solution

After understanding client problem statement and requirement, we have proposed our Scriptless Automation Testing solution “ClicAutomate”, a Selenium Alternative and an off-the-shelf product of our comprehensive software testing solution “ClicTest”.

Manual Testers can comprehend Manual Test Cases better than Test Automation Engineers and “ClicAutomate” empowers Manual Testers to do Automation Testing without writing a single line of code.

Value Proposition with “ClicAutomate”

Client was initially inclined towards open source Test Automation framework “Selenium”, thinking that it would be an economical choice as “Selenium” is free. Though, we are equipped with in-house Selenium based frameworks, we proposed our propriety Test Automation solution “ClicAutomate” as client wants Test Automation to be implemented at the earliest.

ClicAutomate enables faster Test Automation than Selenium.

Project Time Duration with Selenium

There are 10,000 manual test cases with client, which must be automated. If Selenium was used, then it would have taken 25 weeks for 10 Selenium Automation Test Engineers to develop 10,000 Selenium Test Scripts. Therefore, it takes 16,800 man hours to implement Test Automation with Selenium.

Project Time Duration with ClicAutomate

By leveraging ClicAutomate, our 4 Manual Testers automated 10,000 manual test cases within 13 weeks, 7,800 for Motor Insurance and 1,200 for Health Insurance. Our manual testers also performed two regression test cycles within the same timeframe.

Therefore, it took 2080 man hours to automate 10,000 automated tests and toperformtwo regression test cycles using ClicAutomate.

Test Automation Maintenance

Selenium Test Script Management is not centralized, and it creates a lot of issues in tracking changes as each tester will have access to their own Test Scripts. Whereas, ClicAutomate enables seamless Automated Tests’ maintenance with Centralized Repository and it alsoallows changes with Version control mechanism. Changes made can also be tracked Test Case Version Comparison.

For Selenium, 3 Selenium Test Engineers are required for Test Maintenance. Whereas, for ClicTest, 1 Manual Tester is enough.

Outcome Comparison – Selenium vs ClicTest

Business Advantage:

  • With our previous experience, we estimate that a Senior Selenium Test Engineer can develop upto 8 Selenium Test Scripts in a day. But, with ClicAutomate, a manual tester can create upto 40 automated tests.
  • Implementing Test Automation with ClicAutomate is 5 times faster than Selenium. So, there was time available to perform Exploratory Testing, thus overall application under test quality improved tremendously.
  • After implementing Test Automation with ClicAutomate, only one tester is required for test execution and reporting, and to implement modifications.
  • We have leveraged client’s infrastructure and optimized to implement parallel test execution with queue mechanism.

Technical Value:

  • Insurance applications will have a lot of forms and also required documents uploading functionality. It was easy and hassle free to Automate test scenarios with such functionality using ClicAutomate. Whereas, Selenium requires third party addons.
  • Jenkins integration mandatorily required to schedule jobs with Selenium. Whereas, ClicAutomate enables to schedule test execution without prerequisites and test execution reports are sent as email.
  • Video recording of test execution is available with ClicAutomate. Client was also provided with the flexibility to capture only failed test steps or capture all the test steps.
  • Seamless defect reporting into client chosen defect tracking tool “JIRA” with a single click.
  • Automated test case version control and comparison gives insights on the changes to the automated tests created in ClicAutomate.
  • Iteration wise test execution reports gives insights on regression test cycles executed in ClicAutomate.



Client was happy that their existing 10,000 manual test cases have been automated within shortest time period. Not just project has been completed quickly, technical value and business value has been brought onto the table compared to “Selenium”.