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Access real desktop browsers and mobile devices in a secure cloud to accelerate testing web and mobile apps, and achieve faster time-to-market.

Selenium and Appium has become eminent open source in Test Automation space, where organizations of all sizes are leveraging them to fulfill their Automation Testing needs. Your Automation Testing needs won’t be fulfilled by just adopting Selenium and Appium, you need execution platform to run Selenium Tests on real desktops and Appium Tests on real mobile devices. “TestPace”, a cloud-based Test Execution platform, facilitates the necessary infrastructure required for all kinds of businesses to fulfill their Test Automation needs.

Selenium Test Execution Platform

Execute your Selenium Tests in a cloud-based infrastructure in parallel across multiple browser versions on different operating systems. You can eliminate infrastructure burden with TestPace’s secured cloud-based Selenium Test Execution platform. We also assure your confidentially by terminating the instance immediately after your use.

  • Kick start Selenium Test Execution instantly with no setup cost.
  • Simplified and optimized parallel test execution. Bring down your Test Execution time from several hours to few minutes.
  • Access latest versions of different browsers and operating systems, hence eliminating infrastructure maintenance to know compatibility of your web apps.
  • Video recording and screenshots of Test Execution to get insights on defects.
  • Integration with Jenkins and defect tracking tools.

Mobile Test Execution Platform

TestPace’s “Mobile Test Execution Platform” enables manual testing and automated testing of mobile apps on real devices by leveraging the cloud. TestPace is equipped with all iOS and Android devices running the latest operating system, so our clients will have the flexibility to select the iOS or Android devices to test their iOS or Android mobile app.

  • Execute Appium test scripts in parallel on real devices.
  • On-Demand access to real devices from anywhere.
  • Full support for mobile gestures like Tap, Double Tap, Scroll, Drag, Pinch/Spread, etc.
  • Detailed logs, and screenshots and video recording of test execution.