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About Us

ClicQA is an independent software company whose main objective is to provide Quality assurance through a wide range of software testing services to the clients across the globe. We are one of the best companies who carry an immense knowledge of functional testing, automation testing, performance testing and security testing. We have experienced that satisfaction from our customers that they show at the time of using ClicQA product.

How we do?

At ClicQA, we merge innovation with expertise to take our product to a different platform. We believe that new ideas and experience when work together can result into an overall improvement. Our team of expert testers accepts this variation and nurture that new budding idea until it blooms completely with their experience and expertise.

Our products and services have made a mark throughout the industry in providing results. We continuously monitor and manage our clients demand as well as other threats that may come at any point of time. At ClicQA, we have a team of testers, who are skilled, innovative, understand the underlined thought, work on it and address you with the product that you desired.

Why you need us?

Software testing is now no more regarded as a task to just check whether it is working properly or not, rather it has now become a matter of survival in this digital world. Your software has now become the first impression of your company. As today no one has abundance of time to visit office and understand what your work is rather your website speaks on your behalf. Your work is testified on the basis of what you say through your software.

What change we bring?

So your software becomes the most important unit of your business. It acts as the core of your entire work. Defective software is what can let you stand behind and all your efforts and quality becomes a matter of prime importance as it can also hamper your prestige.

To eliminate all these risks, Software testing and quality assurance plays an important role in to let you explain the exact context that you mean and adds value to your business.

Why us?

We very well understand our client’s objectives and challenges and then modify our testing solutions to address those challenges on time and in a cost-effective manner. We strive to help our clients, try our best to enhance their operational efficiencies, reduce time to market, increase software’s credibility and improve customer retention, and deliver them a product that helps them to stand stiff in this competitive world.