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Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering is an innovate approach to improve the application performance with an intent that end user or visitor has a great positive impact. At ClicQA, our cream of the crop Performance Test Engineers performs performance analysis at client, server and database layers to achieve the ultimate goal of Performance Engineering.

Benefits of ClicQA Performance Engineering:

  • Moving the importance of performance to Shift-Left and aligning the performance with application development lifecycle
  • Every single component of the architecture is carefully tested, analyzed and reported to deliver the highest performance to the end users.
  • Empowering agility in performance testing and aligning it with application’s release
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks early in SDLC, thus architecture can be strengthened
  • Insights on capacity planning for Application and Infrastructure


By doing Benchmark Testing, we obtain a Baseline, then Benchmark and Repeat until the Performance KPIs are achieved.

Our Benchmark Testing approach includes:

  • Identify User Scenarios and typical User Load for a time period.
  • Develop a suite of performance tests to simulate User Scenarios & User Load, and obtain a baseline.
  • Execute those Performance Tests whenever changes are made to the underlying system and compare your results with that of your baseline.
  • Continuously understand how your system reacts to load and what affects performance.


At ClicQA, we deliver Performance Tuning services to improve overall the system’s performance without the need of upgrading infrastructure.Our Performance Tuning services include:

  • Application Tuning
    • Code Optimization
  • Server Tuning
    • Tuning CPU utilization
    • Tuning Memory utilization
    • Tuning Disk I/O performance
  • Database Tuning
  • Caching


Leveraging the help of our in-house frameworks & Performance Monitoring tool, we will determine the behavior of the system for a prolonged use and monitor garbage collection, SQL cursors, storage space and many more to illustrate the potential performance issues or bottlenecks over the time & provide recommendations.

Our Performance Monitoring & Recommendations will help you to brace for the impact and plan risk mitigation. With metrics gathered for prolonged time, we will identify the stress points of the system and provide recommendations on the point of system failure. We help our clientele in planning a failover with:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Load Balancing
  • Optimizing system configuration
  • Optimizing architectural design

By monitoring the Application, Server and Database performance over a period, our Performance Test Engineers can determine the possible issues for an increased user load (expected and unexpected user load):

  • At what user load Functional errors can appear
  • At what user load Performance degrades to unacceptable levels.