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Automation Testing Services

To be a winner in this digital world, Test Automation is not anymore a “need-to-have” rather it is a “must-to-have”. For an uncompromised software quality in Agile and DevOps development environments, testing should be done at a rapid pace and test automation enables that with improved efficiency. By understanding the imperativeness of Test Automation for businesses, ClicQA takes care of your automation testing initiation.

We help you to overcome your hurdles and reduce the cost, effort and time consumed and execute the test manually and continuously.

Benefits of ClicQA Automation Testing Services

  • Achieve at least 15% faster time to market
  • 40% cost saving with Test Automation initiative when compared to Manual Testing practice
  • Increase test coverage by automation Test Execution across a variety of browsers, operating systems and platforms.
  • Cloud based Test Execution platform support
  • Offshore Test Automation Competency Center
  • Automated Tests maintenance as per Release objectives
  • Comprehensive reporting mechanism on Test Execution results and Defects
Automation Testing Services
Test Automation Ecosystem

Test Automation Ecosystem

Achieving maximum ROI on Test Automation is every organization’s ultimate goal. It requires building an ecosystem for Test Automation. ClicQA, helps organizations build that ecosystem with the help of our in-house test automation frameworks, cloud based Test Automation execution platform and our offshore Test Automation competency center

Benefits of ClicQA Test Ecosystem as a Service:

  • “Application under Test” evaluation for Test Automation
  • Test Automation environment setup
  • Implementing end-to-end Test Automation, which includes Test Management, Test Case & Test Suite creation, Test Execution & Reporting, and Test Maintenance
  • Integrity existing systems with open source Test Automation frameworks for scalable and reliable Test Automation in place
  • Establishing scalable Test Automation knowledge repository for faster defect identification and defect fixes
  • Training support for Test Automation implementation

Selenium Test Automation

In the domain of Test Automation, Selenium has a greater dominance for web application test automation. ClicQA has an extensive experience in leveraging Selenium to automate tests for web application testing. With this experience, we have built Selenium Test Automation knowledge repository to deliver all the benefits, where an organization can avail with Selenium.

Benefits of ClicQA Selenium Test Automation services:

  • Highly-maintainable, cost-effective and long-term Selenium tests
  • Customized reporting services using HTML
  • Leveraging page object model to handle code duplication & maintenance
  • Faster Selenium test creation with pre-defined test functions library
  • Cloud based Selenium test execution support
  • Extended object identification capabilities for web applications built on latest technologies
  • Integration with Jenkins for Continuous Testing support
Selenium test automation
Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation has become necessary because of its continuous enhancements and defect fixes for Mobile Apps, that represents businesses in digital world. Mobile Test Automation also addresses the need for repetitive functional, usability and compatibility testing of Mobile Apps across different mobile devices and Operating Systems/Platforms.

From last few years, ClicQA has been working with a lot of organizations, automating their mobile app testing. Our association with these organizations has helped us to gain deep expertise and experience on Mobile Test Automation implementation leveraging open source Appium.

Benefits of ClicQA Selenium Test Automation services:

  • Comprehensive Mobile Test Automation strategy creation and implementation
  • Proven expertise at implementing Mobile Test Automation in Omni-Channel environment
  • Support for parallel execution and automated mobile compatibility testing with proprietary cloud based Appium Test Execution platform
  • Re-using Selenium Tests with Appium for Mobile Web Apps Test Automation
  • Highly-maintainable, cost-effective and long-term Appium tests
  • Customized reporting services using HTML
  • Native mobile apps Automation Testing with industry’s best practices