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ClicQA Mobile App Testing Services Brings Competitive Edge to your Mobile App

As mobile apps have become core for businesses to function, operate and for everything, it is implying a snowball effect of a situation where every kind of business should have mobile apps representing them or they should be ready to lose their business to their competitors.
Organizations are adopting mobile apps not just for their business but also for their organization’s operations. Mobile apps have become a channel for organization and its employees to be connected and communicated in an efficient way for their productivity.

A Great Mobile App is designed from End User’s Standpoint

As an organization when you have mobile app either for your business or for operations, you need to make sure that your mobile app is a great mobile app. When we think about what a great mobile app comprises of, the first thing that strikes the mind is that it should delight the end user. Because making the end user to have an amicable experience is the most important task, mobile apps are designed from the end user’s standpoint but a question still remains unanswered – what constitutes a satisfied end user experience?
First impression matters, so a mobile app should have an attractive user interface and an easy user experience. Your eye appealing mobile app should also drive the user with ease across the app to make use of features it offers.
Your customer or your organization’s employee (if it is BYOD) can use a mobile device, which can be different from the device that was tethered to app development machine. So, the app should work well on a variety of devices that a user may use.
Mobile app users demand a high performing app; today, people have less time and also less patience, so they might turn down an app that is slow.

It is Clear How a Mobile App can Have Competitive Edge

Alongside serving what it should serve, to have the necessary competitive edge a mobile app should be secure, high performing, and compatible on all Smartphones and Tablets with different operating systems and versions. Which means your mobile app should deliver what it should deliver in terms of functionality and it should also deliver the end user a satisfying experience in terms of mobile app non-functional testing needs such as security, performance and compatibility.
The following suggestions when followed assures that your mobile app has necessary competitive edge it should have

  • While testing a mobile app’s functionality, it is essential to consider all the workflows that a user will undergo while leveraging a certain functionality.

For example, let’s take the functionality “Add to Cart” of an E-Commerce Mobile App; a user can add a product to the cart after finding the product from search bar or from promotional email or promoted special offers page. There are a lot of scenarios that form different workflows for a single functionality, which a user may come across.
A mobile app to win customers and to have competitive edge, it should be thoroughly tested for user experience with all those workflows that a user may come across when leveraging a functionality.

  • Mostly, mobile apps are tested on Wi-Fi and testing is ignored on different network environments like 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Because of this, network connectivity defects prevail and it impacts the user experience. So, a mobile app should be tested on different network environments.

Not just the above, mobile apps should undergo a testing process where they are thoroughly tested for how an app handles when a user is interrupted with a call or message while leveraging a functionality.

  • When you have both mobile app and web application, through which you are selling products or services, you should ensure its omni-channel user experience.
  • In the past, a mobile app was tested on emulators when it had to be tested on different mobile devices. This used to lead to the missing of the defects’ detection which were confronted by the users when they used to access the app on their mobile devices.

But now, as the prominence for user experience is dominant factor for a mobile app’s success, it has become essential to test a mobile app on real devices over emulators for more accurate results.
Whether it is for your business or for your organization’s operations, are you looking to make your mobile app to have a competitive edge? Then, you should consider all the above suggestions and go for a comprehensive mobile app testing to make your mobile app a cornerstone for your organization’s growth.

ClicQA can bring a Competitive Edge to your Mobile Apps

ClicQA comprehensive mobile app testing helps you to gain a competitive edge for your mobile app, ensuring it works functionally accurate across different mobile devices with high performance and secured data.
High quality apps deliver a competitive edge that your business needs to be on the curve that your competitors strive to reach. However, having a high quality app for your business is tough job as you need to look at a lot of aspects that were discussed in the above sections of the post. ClicQA, an Independent Software Testing company, is here to take that job and assure you that your app will be of high quality.
ClicQA delivers comprehensive mobile app testing services for you to ensure that your app works flawless in terms of its functionality, optimum in terms of performance, secure in terms of security, and convenient in terms of compatibility with all the targeted mobile devices. We know that cost and faster time to market are the two major business goals that you have for your mobile testing needs, and we are proficient in developing such a test strategy that is personalized and geared towards your business goals.