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Comprehensive Mobile App QA is what you need to accelerate your Business

Mobile applications are flourishing day by day to make businesses accessible anywhere anytime. Whether it is hybrid or native mobile app, mobile apps represent businesses, so they should be ensured to deliver seamless user experience.

What if your mobile app doesn’t provide a seamless user experience? Your mobile app user will have a bad experience and your business will take the plunge into losing customers. Your competitors out there are always keen to grab your customers’ attention. So, if your app is not giving a pleasing experience, then your app user will delete that app and will install your competitor’s.

This loophole could prove as a boon to other competitors to draw your users’ attention towards their app.

Customer retention and making new customers will become tough if you don’t ensure your mobile app quality. So, it is your prime responsibility to realize the importance of Mobile App QA to accelerate your business.

You need to know what Mobile App QA is, before you realize its importance!

Mobile App QA is nothing but ensuring your mobile app to be functionally defect free with no performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, and don’t forget to verify compatibility of your mobile app across different devices and platforms.
Mobile App Functional Testing
Whether your app is an enterprise mobility app that empowers your company’s workforce to work anywhere anytime or an ecommerce app that enables users to buy things, you need to make sure all of its features or functionalities work as expected before you make it accessible to the users.
If there is a functional issue in your app after it got released, then it can cost time and money along with losing a customer to fix it. So you need to test your mobile app for functionality to the core.
Mobile App Performance Testing
After you ensure functional stability of your mobile app, the next thing that comes in your plate is to ensure performance. Your mobile app is not developed for a single user but for multiple users and you promote it to reach the masses to accelerate business. So, when multiple users are using your app at the same time, there might be some performance issues and these issues directly impact each and every user’s user experience.
Depending upon your business, traffic to your app varies and so as the peak load. For example, your E-Commerce business may reach peak during festive seasons or during discounted sale offers. Thus, resulting peak traffic and your app should be able to handle it. Doing mobile app performance testing, you make your app to deliver amicable user experience and accelerate your business.
Mobile App Security Testing
Apart from ensuring your app to be highly performing one and feature-packed, you need to ensure your app for security and even app users expect it. Every user who is installing your app in their mobile wants it to be safe and secure. The way businesses operate has gone to mobile and mobility usage will increase to huge numbers. Organizations have already started adopting “BYOD” (Bring your own device) and allowing their employees to use their own devices.
In this digital world, every business even Banking and Insurance organizations are relied on mobile apps and users who are using these apps for personal and business purposes look to keep their data secure and inaccessible. Recent ransomware attacks have proliferated this need, so you need to perform comprehensive security testing to make your app secure and safe against cyberattacks.

“When you make your app users feel secure using it, your business accelerates without hindrance”

Mobile App Compatibility Testing
As said already, your app isn’t for a single user but for multiple users and multiple users use different mobile devices and these mobile devices will run on different platforms or operating systems. So, your app should work perfectly right on all devices and platforms or operating systems. Mobile app compatibility testing ensures your app’s compatibility across different devices and platforms.
Now due to the highest priority to user experience, it is useless to test mobile app on simulators instead it should be tested on real devices.

“When you ensure your mobile app quality comprehensively, then you can make your business reach to the highest”