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The Most Important Aspect for Making a Job Success is Identifying the Right tool for the Job
ClicTest is a Seamless and Loosely coupled Software Testing solution for Test Management, Manual Testing, Automation Testing and Performance Testing, here are ClicTest’s off-the-shelf products: ClicAutomate, ClicLoad and ClicMange.


ClicAutomate accelerates Automation Testing by empowering manual testers to create Automated Tests at a faster pace. Most of the Automation Testing tools in the market requires technical and coding knowledge, and doesn’t comply with Agile to the core. That’s where “ClicAutomate” comes in, solving the hurdles for Test Automation and simplifying it.

Here are a few features of ClicAutomate that makes it to stand on the competitive edge:

  • Script-less approach to Automation Testing.
  • Reusability of Test artifacts such as Objects and Test Cases.
  • Cloud and 100% web-based test automation brings Collaboration among testers while test automating.
  • Traceability to understand test coverage.
  • Insights to get most out of Test Automation in Agile.


ClicLoad enables to perform Load Testing with different load variations such as spike tests, stress and soak tests with ease, and leveraging load generators on-cloud or on-premises. ClicLoad stands out with intuitiveness it has in creating load tests with script-less, and it empowers to spend more time on creating sophisticated load tests by saving time on scripting the load tests.

Here are a few features of ClicLoad:

  • 100% web-based Load Testing enables testing teams to perform anywhere anytime performance testing.
  • Record performance test scenarios with a recorder that can be paused and resumed anytime during the scenario recording.
  • Load generation leveraging on-premises load generations and also cloud-based load generators.
  • Realistic load stimulation with dynamic load ramp up.


ClicManage, a cloud-based test management solution, which empowers you to track the testing activities and focus on completing the testing project on-time. ClicManage brings visibility with the status of the tasks created for testers and deviation happened by testers; it also provides insights with the advanced reporting and achieves milestones and project completion as planned.

Here are a few features of ClicManage:

  • Capture requirements with Audio and Video recording to comprehend understand easily.
  • Manage Test Plans, Milestones, Tasks with ease.
  • Track progress of tasks, analyze deviations and take preventive measures to complete the tasks.
  • Video recording of Manual Test Execution to understand unreproducible defects.