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Continuous Testing

ClicQA CI & CT service offerings empower automating build-deploy-test workflow and test changes continuously in a fast, scalable, and efficient manner. Using cloud and our automation testing framework, we help in integrating comprehensive Automation Testing into CI/CD workflow to obtain immediate feedback for a software release. However, jumpstarting DevOPS with CT isn’t simple, but we make it simple for our clientele.

What we provide

  • Trigger automated test execution from CI tools
  • Automated build deployment to instances as per SLAs
  • Our approach for DevOPS extends Continuous Integration to Continuous Testing, and further extends Continuous Delivery to Continuous Deployment
  • DevOps dashboard
  • Incremental testing to associate test suites and test cases with versions to build and releases

How we are different

  • Support popular CI tools such as Microsoft TFS, Chef Puppet, Bamboo, CloudBees Jenkins, and others
  • Test execution in parallel saves time
  • Our CI & CT framework fits into the ecosystem of any testing frameworks and CI systems