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The Business Value an Independent Software Testing company can Bring to your Software Alongside Quality

The current trend of technology has placed software at the core of most of the businesses. Deploying a flawed software could lead to falling count of not only customers but also users who could be the possible future customers. But the adverse impact does not end here, it may continue until declined business processes, fallen revenue generation, and even there will be an impact on the brand.
Mitigating these negative impacts becomes crucial for the businesses. For achieving this mitigation, there is an utmost need of software testing that’s so comprehensive to ensure ultimate satisfaction to the customers of a software. Thus, QA has gained importance for the success of every software project. Most of the Testing and QA teams miss the bigger picture of what risks a faulty software could generate on a business. They mostly focus on finding defects but not on adding the business value.

So, how Software Testing is vital for adding business value

Software testing can add value to your business because it stabilizes the software product with improved quality and reliability apart from only finding the defects. Parallel to this, it can fulfil the fundamental need which is “Increased ROI” of any software testing project. Moreover, the scenario on which the success of the software is dependent is how well it works for the customers.
So, the point here is that testing a software with a limitation of testing it to mere test plans and test cases does not approve the growth of a business. The prosperity of a business totally relies on a thorough testing of the software which we, as testers, must know in order to avoid the disappointment for the users as well as business.

“At Most Organizations, Testing is a mere defect detection process, not a business value added aspect”

Every organization strives to deliver high quality software, which means the software that has minimal defects and the software is reliable, efficient, maintainable and secured. So, software Testing is done to ensure whether the developed software is of high quality before its release.
Over the years, how people think of software testing has been changing and as per their thoughts the process of doing software testing has also been changing. Most organizations still consider software testing as a process of finding defects in a developed software but they don’t leverage software testing to add business value to the developed software. Organizations who wanted to make Software Testing as a process to bring business value to a Software have evolved as Independent Software Testing companies. These companies focus only on doing Software Testing to help organizations in adding business to the software they develop.

Choosing the right Independent Software Testing company to add business value to your Software

Independent Software Testing Service providers are immensely growing across the globe to support those organizations who wanted their software testing to be taken care. As there several service providers who deliver independent software testing services, so organizations are bewildered to know on whom to rely on. The real identification of a good independent software testing firm is based on the following mentioned aspects:

  1. For how long and how well is this firm holding the grip over the testing: Holding a good experience in software testing with a validated track record and good reputation in the market is one of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind while selecting a testing firm.


  1. How healthy relationship does the firm has with its clients: Knowing that the business clients of the testing firm have positive feedback for the firm or not allows you to choose the testing firm more consciously as a testing partner of your business.


  1. How well the vendor does fits your business needs: Whether the vendor offers flexible services or not when required, is one part of choosing an appropriate testing firm for meeting business needs. The other part is to consider among all the available models with the firm does anyone match your requirements. Moreover, the adaptability to change in technology and team resizing can also make the testing firm to stand ahead in the market.

How ClicQA an Independent Software Testing Company is distinct from others?

Achieving faster time to market with a quality product is the race theme which all the organisations are running in. These goals are not easy to accomplish without a comprehensive testing of the software or product of the business. These are the key to add value to any business and making it stand ahead in the queue of other competitive businesses.
ClicQA – An Independent Software Testing Company– aims at such comprehensive testing of the software of the businesses, not only with the target for achieving quality and faster time to market but also for adding value to the businesses. We are proficient in delivering the desired quality of the software from the perspective of businesses as well as customers. We are equipped with the team of testing savvy testers who focus at delivering the software drenched in the quality to promote your business.

Let us take your testing burden on our shoulders as we have gained immense experience and expertise in software testing from the point of view of adding value to the businesses.

Our testing personnel perform their work in such a way that enables the organizations to embrace the innovations and technological change with absolute confidence without any fear of losing the business quality. We understand the importance of reputation for a business as it is the only factor which drives a business more customers. Our testers and QA team deploy the most effective strategy to pluck out the bugs from your software and make it flawless for your customers to have a seamless user experience.

ClicQA helps in bringing the robust, reliable, secure, and user-friendly software products by testing the software for both functional and non-functional requirements.

We are in continuous connection with our customers to help them in keeping up with the demands of rapidly changing technology. Our Independent Software Testing services, not only provides employees with stimulating challenges but empowers customers with industry success of the testing project, enabling greater return on investment. Whether it is an end-to-end testing activity, a comprehensive testing-outsourcing project, quality analysis project or an appraisal of an established QA process; ClicQA has complete understanding of the customers’ business domain resulting in proficiency for the client’ testing project.

Exceptional qualities make us worthy for the clientele:

  • We have an experienced team to handle testing projects and to satisfy our clientele.
  • Our Team has the ability to execute the right strategy for the testing of the software along with the stability and expandability to be a great testing partner for your organization.
  • We offer a customized offshore model for delivering independent software QA and Independent Software Testing Services to our customers.
  • We believe in achieving excellence by delivering business focused value to our customers and partners.

A company is the creator of the brand and can publicize it but it is the masses who decide the rating of the business among the competitors. Keeping this aspect in mind, ClicQA makes sure that your brand image does not imbalance.