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The Need of Creative Skills for Testers While Doing Software Testing

There is a popular saying “Make visible what, without You, might perhaps never have been seen” which means that think different from others. Every job demands a different perception and variety of ideas for a single work from distinct employees. The same implies to the job of a tester. Though his responsibility is to find bugs in the under-development app or software, it does not mean that his work ends here. Detecting a bug is just a mundane activity for a tester but being a tester are you capable of detecting all the possible errors in that app?

Thinking about different approaches in the bug detection is what makes you a creative tester.

Widening his thought process beyond the requirements even can work for a comprehensive testing. This enables him to push questions to the business owner to update his knowledge about various aspects from the business point of view to deliver a well performing app. Whenever a tester performs testing he should impose his creativity in it like by thinking about the old bugs he came across and how he has eradicated them.

Thinking like a customer is another creative way of a tester to test the app.

A creative tester should think in all the possible ways in which a customer can utilize the app. He should have the ability to walk in the shoe of end users in terms of finding if the app will fit the best for the customer. He should not forget that the end users will not use an app as per a tester uses and tests it on simulators or emulators. They will use real devices like mobile, laptop, desktop etc. So, this should be in your consideration while testing the deliverable that your targeted audiences can deploy the app on as per their chosen devices.

A creative tester must think beyond a normal workflow of a tester.

Generally, the team of developers and testers tend to work in same flow and their thought process are bound to a positive testing scenario only. However, the real scenario will be different. The end user might not use the app in the same way as testers and developers team expected it.
Let us understand this concept better with some illustration. An ordinary tester will test the app from a positive scenario like for logging in he gives valid username and valid password. This brings a positive result to the tester that the app is working well. However, a creative tester will think from every possible aspect of using the app. He may test the app by putting valid username and invalid password or by putting wrong username but right password. Through this sort of creative testing, the tester will come to know whether the app will still accept the credentials and log in the user or it will show some error. Moreover, a creative tester will still judge the app by identifying that once logged in and if a user goes back to the previous page, does the app shut or it keeps on going?

A tester must possess some creativity as it enables him to look into every single inch of the app.

Not only this, when a tester thinks out of the box, he can even find out those latent bugs which goes unnoticed by other testers. The significant tools for a tester who is deploying his imagination in testing are his eyes. His eyes must observe what an app is going through and what is good or bad in the process. The testing must be done in every drastic way so that there remains no loophole in the performance and functioning of app when it reaches the hands of the end users.

A creative tester must be a researcher too who researches on every single aspect relevant to testing.

Prior to initiating with testing, a tester must think about the issues which he might confront while testing. Research must be done in a way that you as tester come to know about what problems other people have faced while using such kind of app. This will improve your testing process. Moreover, it will give the tester an idea about if any feature is missed in the app while its development.

Having possessed some creative skills can make a tester stand ahead in the race of testers.

In a nut shell, a tester’s creativity must not be limited to any particular scenario while performing testing of an app. Implementing testing with lots of creativity can save the future effort of a tester as well as business to improve the app. Ultimately, time and money will be redeemed.