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Outsourcing your Software Testing to an Independent Software Testing Company

To focus more on their core business and rely on a professional for their software quality, a lot of organizations are outsourcing software testing to Independent Software Testing companies. Companies who earn their bread and butter only with software testing projects are referred as Independent Software Testing companies.
The technological advancements have brought drastic changes to the way Software is developed and delivered. Outsourcing Software Testing to Independent Software Testing companies has emerged as one of the much-needed trends for businesses to be ahead of competitors.

The need of outsourcing Software Testing

Delivering a seamless and defect free software is the need of the hour of software development companies. Reaching the end users of the software sooner has become vital for every successful business; thus, continuous delivery and agile concepts have evolved and widely adopted. Companies who have adopted agile and trying to achieve continuous delivery contribute a lot of time and efforts on fixing defects, patch updates and customer support.
It’s very challenging to build or maintain a testing team and streamlining the QA process every time to improve the quality of software deliverables. Therefore, most of the companies are relying on outsourcing their Software Testing to improve the software quality and to reduce the cost spent for quality improvement.
The businesses are aware that failure in application or software might lead to extra expense for the business with lost customers and lacking in sales of products. Here, Outsourcing Software Testing has its own role to play. Handing over the testing activities of a developed software or the software that’s in development to an Independent Software Testing company will give fruitful results in overall QA outcome.

Let’s have a look what other advantages does outsourcing software testing could offer to the businesses:

  1. Improved Testing Quality: The motive of forwarding the developed software to the independent or third-party firm is to get the resulting software bug free and receiving the desired quality of the software. This step becomes tentative because a company’s reputation is at stake with the publicity of a defected software or application.
  2. Cost Cutting: Outsourcing the software testing could save the money because the need to purchase different tools will be eliminated.
  3. Spare Time to Focus on other deliverables: With the outsourcing of the software testing, you can let your in-house resources be free so that they can focus on other deliverables which are core to your business. This will enhance the productivity with faster time to market.
  4. Crystal Clear Result: Assigning the task to the testing specialist group would be beneficial in validating the software with best practices and will lead to unprejudiced description depicting the flaws and strengths of the product.

Why Prefer Independent Software Testing company?

Choosing an independent firm which is dedicated completely to take care of the quality of the software developed is a good choice. There is no surety that the outsourcing firm which you will select will stand up to the mark for you but there will be an assurance about the deliverables if the firm is only into Software Testing on which they focus to live.

The following are the reasons that an Independent Software Testing company gives to choose it:

  • Independent Software Testing companies have the cream of the crop testing teams who are adept at finding defects and providing insights to improve software quality. Software Testing will go beyond your in-house teams and this results in effective defect detection.
  • Independent Software Testing companies contribute a lot of effort and time to bring innovation into Software Testing. The foremost thing that they always strive for is improving the way they test the software with continuous research.
  • Independent Software Testing companies accept only Software Testing projects and they are proficient in delivering the best for Software Testing projects. So, you can receive a high quality software as a deliverable and that too within the budget and timeline which otherwise your project may not afford for Software Testing.
  • Independent Software Testing companies can eliminate all the management effort that you contribute in managing testing teams and infrastructure required for testing.


Choosing a firm which delivers Independent Software Testing services is not less than being a complicated task. Ample of challenges are associated with the decision making for selecting an ideal firm. There are certain aspects which need to be taken into account before finalizing an outsourcing team. These are highlighted below:

  1. Easy availability: The outsourcing team must be easily approachable at the time of need. This quality of the team makes it stand ahead of the crowd of other outsource providers.
  2. Maturity: How mature or experienced the service provider is becomes vital for the business to know before declaring it as final outsourcing partner. How strong their skill set is must be examined prior to the work submission to ensure whether it fits the need or not.
  3. Expense: The amount which an outsourcing provider is demanding is relevant to the market price or not must be on your checklist before shaking your hand with the service provider. The final amount should be confirmed as per the convenience of both.
  4. Demonstration: Before confirming the interviewed team as final outsourcing team, ask them for demo or some references with samples of their work to ensure that they are capable enough to do justice to your expectations for the product.


The above-mentioned parameters are the grounds on the basis of which you can select an appropriate vendor or partner for your product testing to ensure flawless and high quality product.

ClicQA – A preferred Independent Software Testing Company for all your Testing needs

ClicQA, an Independent Software Testing Company, has its foundation on strong industry experience and knowledge of the trending testing methodologies. With latest techniques and technologies, we aware the client about the higher business efficiencies amid their software testing needs.
The rapidness with which your business is ready to adapt the changes with an effective Quality Assurance strategy decides the success of your business. So, it becomes vital to choose a reliable Software Testing partner who could handle the responsiveness and agility demanded by your business in terms of QA. Your engagement with ClicQA could allow you to gain access to the leading experts in industry, best practice and methodologies, and vast Software Testing knowledge. Our extended offshore working experience leads us to bestow our customers for achieving success goals stapled to their business. As a result, we have been associating with several organizations as a Software Testing Partner to effectively handle their testing needs.
We at ClicQA, being an Independent Software Testing Company give every reason that you are looking at, to outsource your Software Testing. We are dedicated, aiming to the fulfillment of the clients’ needs associated to the software testing. We are equipped with the experts who are enriched with vast experience in functional testing, automation testing, performance testing and security testing.
ClicQA envisions to be at the top in the list of preferred testing partners to several clients with the sole mission of delivering the testing solutions with competence.