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Address your Mobile App Functional and Non-Functional Testing needs at ClicQA

The rapid rotation of the needles of the clock has altered the way technology used to be. One of the best inventions in technology is Smartphone, which has become more than just a gadget for the world. Barely, anyone can now think about a life without smartphones. The globalization is demanding everything to be mobile, available anywhere at a click in just a blink of eye. So, every business has their mobile app now, to be with their customers anytime anywhere.
For businesses, the effort is not over by just developing a mobile app for their customers. Validating whether the mobile app is delivering a satisfying user experience or not, is a must to put focus on. Moreover, a flawless mobile app that delivers great user experience is what a business requires to be competitive. The key to that is Mobile App Testing and you need a right testing partner for it.
We, ClicQA are dedicated towards offering end to end mobile testing services and ensure that your mobile app works accurately in helping you reach your business goals.

We impart the best QA services to deliver assured mobile testing to the clients.

The dedicated services of OURS involve
Mobile App Functional Testing: Having an understanding of your business, we develop a testing approach to make the functionality of your mobile app flawless and defect free. Whether it is mobile test automation or manual mobile app functional validation, we take up the activity to deliver the best for your business goals.
Whether it is a native app or a hybrid app, our mobile app functional testing strategy includes validating each and every component of your app’s functionality to the core.
Mobile App Performance Testing: We understand that testing a mobile app is different as compared to web application. Our performance test engineers leverage their engineering skills not the testing skills, to improve the overall performance of your mobile app.
Mobile App Usability and Compatibility Testing: Those days are over when testing of a mobile app was done on emulators or stimulators, testing the mobile app on real devices give the better insights on usability and compatibility of the app. We are empowered with a “mobile device farm” that enables us to test a mobile app on real devices for usability and compatibility across devices.
Mobile App Security Testing: Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your mobile app users is vital for your business and brand success. Mobile app security testing services of ours are very comprehensive to ensure that the application does not fall prey to any malware attack. We leverage the Mobile OWASP Top 10 guidelines for testing a mobile app for security vulnerabilities and threats. Our competitive advantage relies on our security testing skills where we use reverse engineering and source code review techniques.

ClicQA Differentiators:

  • State of the art proprietary Mobile Device Farm
  • Mobile Testing Experts with functional and non-testing expertise
  • Mobile Test Automation expertise on open source and commercial tools
  • Client centric mobile app test strategy and approach

What makes us stand ahead of the competitors is, we address our clientele functional and non-functional testing needs of their mobile apps by having an understanding of their business.