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Test your Mobile App on Real Devices over Emulators for More Accurate Results

Testing of a mobile app that represents a business is vital for attaining the exact result as desired in terms of customer satisfaction as well as business progress. But achieving the right outcome by testing is more important than just doing testing. Testing should be performed on emulators or real devices is a critical decision for the testers to take. Both have their own merits and demerits but still which is more reliable needs to be crystal clear. So, this article is going to draw the curtain from the perplexity of choosing what will be more beneficial for testing a mobile app.

Commencing with The Emulators, these are those powerful tools to emulate a smartphone or a tablet, which can be used for both kind of testing – manual as well as automation.

Although emulators are simple to use and deliver faster results, they cannot be completely relied upon. Testing with emulators raises higher risk as the testing is not performed on real devices which are used by users. Your mobile app users will be using real devices such as Smartphones or Tablets not emulators. So, the results will be 100% accurate cannot be confirmed.
Another con of using emulator is that these do not have specific hardware and software support relevant to the operating systems, they just mimic hardware, software and operating system of a mobile device. Moreover, with the updating operating systems, emulators do not catch up. One more negative aspect of deploying emulators is that these use the networks associated to your desktop via LAN and thus; emulators are not the right choice for mobile app testing scenarios that replicate real time scenarios. This leads to incomplete testing of your mobile app.

As compared to the emulators, testing with real devices holds out more advantages.

Mobile app testing on real devices will address those that aren’t by emulators such as – C.P.U and memory utilization of a mobile app. It is also possible to test the responsiveness of a mobile app. You could get access to real time conditions where you could test your mobile app against those conditions, such as your app performance on mobile network vs Wi-Fi.
Emulators cannot completely imitate real devices, especially the native functionality of the devices such as GPS, Sensors and Gestures.  Moreover, testing on real test device allows the tester to understand the user experience and eventually it will allow the app to improve its user experience before the launch. Another aspect which emulators cannot detect rightly is screen resolution and brightness. So, a real device testing releases the real result without any burden of imitated result.

Analyzing both the aspects, testing on real device is more reliable than on emulators.

Having a mobile app is the gateway to digitalization for any business alongside empowering to reach customers anywhere. It is inevitable for businesses to have a mobile app as a representative to their business, a small glitch to the user while using the app can impact the business. So, there comes the necessity of ensuring your mobile app that represent your business to work accurately on the devices that your customers use. But it is a challenging and an expensive task to maintain a plethora of mobile devices that your customers are likely to own to use your mobile app.
Here comes the need of a company like ClicQA, which can take care of facilitating the variety of mobile devices that you need to test your mobile app.

Comprehensive Mobile QA solution offered by ClicQA is complemented with Mobile Device Farm

Alongside covering functional and non-functional aspects of your mobile app, our comprehensive Mobile QA solution is complemented with our state of the art mobile device farm. Our device farm is equipped with 80 % of mobile devices are mostly used by consumers in the market and they are spread across platforms Android, iOS and Windows.
Our mobile QA solution covers every aspect related to the quality of your app, from functionality to usability across devices. We test your app not just with an intent to make it functionally accurate but also with an intent to make it deliver seamless end user experience.

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