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Spike Traffic can Impact your Business, Make your Application Ready for it

The sharp inclination in the load to your application is called spike traffic, spike performance testing includes testing your application behavior and stability under spike traffic. Spike Testing is a type of testing that comes under the umbrella of load testing, which is performed to identify the performance stability of an application with a sudden inclination and declination in the number of users.
A huge spike in traffic to your application can put your brand down, but you are not alone you are accompanied, even with big brands.
Visitors to your application can become your customers, so every visitor is a potential lead and if a visitor experiences a glitch in his/her customer experience then you may lose a customer. To avoid that, you require an understanding of your visitors’ volume at peak hours and with that understanding, you need to improve your application performance accordingly.
Why Spike Performance Testing is so important?
The importance of spike performance testing can be explained only through a real time scenario. Let us consider – e-commerce application as an example, which has approximately 5,000 visitors in a day and the load that the application will have would be 40% to 50% in normal scenarios. When any commercials are aired or any special discounts are advertised across channels, there are chances for load percentage to spike and if the application fails to handle that sudden inclined load then it may affect the brand and business.
As owner of a business, you opt load testing with an aim to deliver amicable customer experience but you won’t be aware of different concepts defined under load testing umbrella and it is not you forte to understand. It is the job of performance test engineers or performance testing service provider, who is taking care of your application performance. The responsibility has to be put on your provider or engineer when your application faces performance issues because of spike traffic.
Why you can rely on ClicQA?
We “ClicQA”, an Independent Software Testing Company are equipped with the cream of the crop of Performance Test Engineers. Our performance testing services portfolio includes “load testing as a service” and “Performance Engineering as a Service”; our “Continuous Monitoring as a Service” and “Performance Test Competency Center” adds the competitive edge to our portfolio. Our expertise in performance tuning at application level, server level and database level assures to mitigate all your application’s performance bottlenecks and makes it highly performing.
When you have a need for spike performance testing, the two aspects that make ClicQA to be relied on are our expertise and approach. Spike traffic is all about incoming unexpected traffic to your application and you will also have some expectations on the incoming traffic as per your business or discount offers. We perform spike testing with the expected load as well as unexpected load.
Let’s take an example to explain the above. If you are providing promotional discounts for an impending festive season, then you may anticipate a number of visitors (let’s say 50,000 visitors) with your past business experience or based on your marketing team insights. If customers come with such expected load defined in their requirement, then we do spike performance testing with the expected load (50,000 visitors) and also some buffer load (up to 100,000 visitors) with a milestone based benchmark. We will be doing a thorough spike performance testing for your application, so there won’t be any hassle to application if there is spike traffic of any unexpected number.

We ensure most insights for better customer experience.