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ClicQA Digital Assurance Solution for an Omni-Channel Platform

About Client

Client is an enterprise product company, providing Omni-Channel products that leverages the Next-Gen digital interfaces including messaging, chat, voice, wearables, and gaming, to enable self-service.

Client Requirement

Before launching, client wanted to ensure their products to be bug free and provide seamless Omni-Channel experience.

As client was more focused on developing and enhancing their product features for launch, they wanted a third party validation and we acted as their extended arm to test their products. Client focus was more on below components:

  • Functional, Performance and Security Assurance
  • Consumer Experience Quality Assurance with Social Integration

Proposed Solution

We proposed our specialized solution‘Digital Assurance’ – which is a single solution to perform functional, performance and security testing, and we leveraged our in-house accelerators and our ‘Testing Competency Centre’ to make it more appropriate for our client requirement.

Business Requirement ClicQA Offerings
Client has two products which includes mobile native app for service stickers and mobile web app for service cards. Client wanted these two apps to be tested on real devices. Through our mobile device farm provisioning, we tested client mobile web app and native app across 50 real devices on Android and iOS platforms.
Client was more focused in developing the product features and could not find time to perform regression testing. We leveraged our automation tool and built test scripts to give client better test coverage and expedite the test execution process.
Client had built their products to provide seamless Omni-Channel customer experience for bill payment and automated self-care services. Client wanted their products to work accurately with no performance outages and 100% security Having a knowledge of testing  Omni-Channel platforms helped us identifying not just functional or performance outages but also customer experience issues like- some functionalities were working fine with a single user, but when concurrent load was applied the application was not performing as expected. Identifying such customer experience defects helped client to fix issues that impact customer experience.
Client’s product works all through simple social messaging using Smart Hash tags & Smart Services Stickers. So, client wanted their products to work fine across specified social media channels We developed different customer behavioural scenarios and leveraged them to identify cross channel defects such as – mobile native app users were unable to post stickers for Facebook and Twitter in mobile web browsers.



Leveraging our Digital Assurance solution that comprises of our in-house accelerators, testing expertise, mobile device farm, and Omni-Channel business knowledge, we helped client to make their Omni-Channel product more robust.

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