Java Architect


Role :
The role of the Architect involves conceiving and planning out software architectural and detailed design. The role incumbent is concerned with refining requirements and establishing a high level view of the system as well as supporting with low-level structural view of the system. Hands-on current experience authoring, building and adopting large scale, cross-functional automation frameworks with well-balanced coverage across UI, back-end integration, database levels; Deep understanding of different test automation approaches (keyword-driven, Data-driven, BDD, hybrid) and technology stacks (Java,  JavaScript, Python, etc.) and Ability to develop custom test automation methodologies and adapt them to clients’ reality, Should be efficient in  Integrate test automation into CI/CD process and instrument full SDLC automation, specifically cloud testing execution, reporting tools such as ALM, Jira; Should be able to Improve process and quality via test and process automation: defining right strategy and technology based on process and architecture assessment by engaging different roles and stakeholders; and carry deep practical experience with cutting edge tools for Web, Mobile, Desktop, DB and Web-service testing (Selenium, Appium, SoapUI, etc.);

Responsibilities :

Software Architecture

  • Owns Logical & Physical Architecture
  • Owns Technical Components Dictionary
  • Owns and Defines High-level Design
  • Owns and participates in detail design
  • Sets Integration/Interfacing/UI/Coding Standards
  • Ensure Consistency across Implementations
  • Defines Software Architecture Maintenance Standards
  • Defines Software Deployment and Performance Standards
  • Creates logical and innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Selects appropriate design standards, methods and tools and ensures they are applied effectively
  • Identifies options for potential solutions and assesses them for both technical and business suitability
  • Draws up specific proposals for modified or replacement systems
  • Ensures that design takes full account of specified requirements and constraints, including any potential safety-related aspects, and are appropriate to the target implementation and support environments
  • Designs, documents, evaluates and undertakes impact analysis on major design options with change in requirements
  • Ensures design control



  • Studies and Understands Business Needs

o Study Data Sources/Systems/etc
o Interviews business users to create and/or understand requirements
o Prepares Requirements => Architecture Mapping Documents
o Translates Requirements into highly specified system specifications

  • Communicates Software Design / Architecture to Business & Management
  • Participates in business development as advisor

o Participates in strategy sessions
o Advises on new product feasibility & cost from database perspective


  • Understands Technology Limitations/Features and Sets Expectations

o Understands Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure)
o Understands OS/ Hardware
o Understand Technology
o Understand Architectural Patterns and Deployment Requirements
o Understands Database

  • Research and Development

o Researches New Features, Software and Tools
o Understands New Releases and Migration Impacts
o Generates Documentation and Training for Staff
o Prepares Presentations and Whitepapers


  • Prepares, oversees and coordinates software architecture implementation
  • Inspects Design Implementation and Standards Compliance
  • Inspects Database Design and its conformance
  • Acts as Software Architecture/Technology/Application/Data/Database SME



  • Create and Enforce Architecture Development Standards and Processes
    • Coding
    • Naming
  • Application Interface
  • UI Standards
  • Deployment Standards
  • Packaging
  • Data Access
  • Documentation


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